New Here


What to expect on Sundays?

What do we believe?

What is our purpose?

How do we strive to make a difference?

How to Get Connected

At South Shore, getting connected is as easy as 2 + 1

  • Attend a Sunday service regularly.  Our Sunday services are the primary way to get connected with others and with God.
  • Attend the next Discover South Shore class.  This class will connect you with some of our staff and inform you about what it means to be a part of South Shore. 
Regularly attending Sunday services plus attending the Discover South Shore class sets you on a great path to getting connected. The next step is to add one or both of the following.


South Shore was founded in 1993.
We made our home at 1899 South Tuttle Avenue in 2008.

Together we help people find and follow Jesus Christ