Welcome to South Shore Community Church. 

South Shore Community Church is a contemporary non-denominational Christian church in Sarasota Florida that uses modern music, drama, sacred dance, creative multimedia, and visual arts to illustrate the Word of God. We are dedicated to helping people find and follow Jesus Christ by reminding ourselves daily to stay on our knees and in the Word of God.


Given Up On Church?

Truthfully, many of us have mixed emotions about church. What is church exactly anyway? Is it a place where you go to beat yourself up for things you know you did wrong? Is it a place where impossible expectations are placed on you? Is it where guilt is served up on silver platters and people want to take all of your money? For many of us, church has a bit of each of those notions mixed in with duty, obligation and frankly, boredom. It is difficult to really fathom the benefit of going to a place like church when it seems to foster such negative feelings and emotions.


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From the desk of Janae

Can We Think Pre Resurrection?

Is it possible to step into the sandals of the disciples and the followers of Jesus as if having no knowledge of the resurrection? Palm branches tossed onto the road in honor of a believed king who would overthrow their Roman oppressors. The hope. The excitement . The anticipation the followers must have felt.

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